Friday, October 22, 2010

Post 16 : Images of Linnet Clough Final Evening

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Night x briefing Equipment

Night x briefing

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post 14 : Day 2 Nat Diploma

Rain greeted the learners this morning when they left their accommodation at 06.30 undeterred the learners where treated to an indoor warm up session which was followed by a 3 mile run.

Its been a difficult first day, the learners are having a problem adjusting from the college pattern of life to the Linnet Clough training ethos.

The programme is designed to imitate some elements of basic Uniformed Public Training whist incorporating task and assessment methodology from the BTEC syllabus.

08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Room Inspections and personal admin checks

09.45 Assessment Guidance

10.00 Lessons Phase 2

12.15 Brunch

13.00 Drill

14.30 Timed Run

SAC Danny Attwood (RAF Valley Mountain Rescue Team) discusses service life and opportunities together with the 2nd year national staff team.

17.00 Evening Meal

18.00 Self Directed Learning

19.00 Night x

20.30 Room Inspections

21.30 Skitz

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post 13 : National Diploma Last group of the 2010 crop Day 1

The group arrived at 12.30 they look fresh faced confused and apprehensive. Within minutes they are on parade and receiving their orders for the day. 20 Minutes later they are in their PT kits and are treated to a geographic tour of the Linnet complex.

14.00 Final kit issue

14.45 The group enjoy their own packed lunches and drinks that are provided by the second year support team.

15.15 Foot Drill

16.45 Lessons Phase 1 Communication & Technology - Team Work & Leadership - Navigation

18.00 Evening Meal

Following the evening meal the learners participated in further fitness and drill sessions until 21.00 Following a short break for drinks and ice cream the teaching focus and assessment concentrated on kit preparation and room inspection, the session ended with a final assessemt at midnight.

All slept well in preperation for PT at 06.30

Post 13 : Final Day Nat Diploma Mon to Wed

06.30 A frosty start greeted the learners this morning (weather not staff) the day started with a early morning run hosted by Dougie, James Wilson and the members of the 2 year staff team.

Running order of the final day

06.00 Reveille (get out of bed)

06.30 PT

08.30 Breakfast

09.15 Room Inspections

09.40 Timed Run

10.00 Assault Course

10.45 Quick Change Handover of Accommodation

11.15 Drill Practice

11.30 Pass out Parade

12.00 Depart Linnet Clough complete the 1 mile walk to the bus


Post 12 : National Diploma Evening Session Day 2

The troops entertaining the staff (murdering well known songs) during the Skitz

Abbey enjoying her evening meal ?

The learners enjoying their evening meal, carbohydrates are required the time is 18.30, it will be 23.30 before the teams will have completed their evenings activities.

PT, is at 06.30

Night x team talks and final briefings